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Serving Armstrong, Swea City, and Ringsted, Iowa

We offer Digital TV Service to all of Ringsted and within the city limits of Armstrong and Swea City. Please contact our office for details. All prices Effective March 1, 2024.

Digital Video

Tier 1 IPTV


Tier 2 IPTV


Tier 3 IPTV


$50.00/jack fee applies to service and installation fee for new Digital TV service. There is a commercial sports charge of $75.00.

*DVR upgrade is available for $9.00/month.

Digital TV Channel Guides

Premium Channels**

  • HBO – $17.50
  • Cinemax – $14.50
  • Starz/Encore – $10.00
  • Showtime – $10.99
  • Playboy – $12.95

**Requires Digital TV service.

Cloud DVR

  • 100 Cloud DVR – $5.00/month
  • 250 Cloud DVR – $10.00/month
  • 500 Cloud DVR – $15.00/month
  • 1 TB Cloud DVR – $20.00/month

Box Rentals

  • Additional set-top box – $5.00/month
  • Additional DVR box – $14.00/month


Now offering watchTVeverywhere! This can be used to gain access to some of your favorite show on your cell phone, tablet, iPads, computers, or any device when you are home or away from home. Click here to see what channels are offered!


How to register

Contact the office or email to set register your WatchTVEverywhere account.


Helpful Instructions and Tips

Create Favorite Lists for Your Digital TV, Parental Controls and Reminders

Remote ProgramCreate Favorite Lists

There are 12 pre-defined favorite named lists and you may create up to five additional favorites lists.

  1. Press Menu. Arrow down to ‘My TV’ and then arrow right to ‘Edit Favorites’. Press OK
  2. With your Favorite List highlighted, arrow down to move the channel list. Channels included in the Favorite List are marked with a P. Using the Arrow buttons, move through the channels and press OK to add or remove a channel to your Favorite List. Or, type in a channel using the number keys
  3. When done, press the Blue button to save your changes

Using Favorite Lists

  1. Press FAV. By default, your list is ‘All’ channels
  2. Arrow up/down to choose a Favorite list. Press OK with a Favorite List selected, you will be in Favorites mode using that list
  3. Use either the Channel Up/Down button or the Arrow buttons to move between channels in a list. Or, use the number keys to select a channel. The ‘Info Bar’ shows the name of the active favorite list
  4. To leave a Favorite mode, press FAV. Arrow up/down to select ‘All’ and press OK

Parental Controls

There are several ways to use Parental Controls. From the Main Menu, select My Settings. Arrow to the right, highlight Parental and press the OK button. You will then be on the Parental Controls menu to:

Change PIN

Select the Change PIN category to enter your new PIN and confirm it. Until you change it, the default PIN is 0000.

Edit Locked Channels

You can lock entire channels via the Edit Locked category so that it requires a PIN to view programming. You may prevent locked channels from showing in the channel guide via the Parental Control Options (locked channels would still be accessible using the number keys and entering a PIN).

Set Program Rating Limits

To control the types of programming that can be viewed, you may set program limits based on motion-picture ratings (G, PG, R, etc.) or TV ratings (TV-G, TV-14, etc.) using the Set Rating category. If you attempt to tune to a channel that is airing a program with a rating at or above your rating limit, you must enter a PIN to view the program.

Set Time Restrictions

The Time Restrictions category allows you to set time periods per day where television access requires a PIN. These time restrictions may be set by selecting the Green button to Add Restriction under the Time Restrictions category.

Cancel Override

Cancel Override category allows any previous PIN overrides for an extended period of time to be canceled. Once the override has been canceled, the parental PIN will need to be used for all Locked and Rated channels.


Set Reminders: While viewing the guide, highlight the program where you want a reminder and press OK.

Learn how to control your remote to see what’s on TV – Click Here for directions to program the remote.

  • Info Button – Press Info and you will see the name and a description of the current program at the top of the screen.
  • OK Button – Press OK to show the ‘Now Playing’ bar and you will see what program is currently playing.
  • Guide Button – This is the most comprehensive view of what’s on. Go ahead and page through. You’re bound to find something to watch.
  • Browse Button – Press Browse (right arrow) to show the channel you are currently tuned to at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, the ‘Info Bar’ shows you the channel number, channel name, current date and time, program name, date and time the program airs, a progress bar and the program that airs next.
Troubleshooting and FAQs for Your TV

How do I reboot my set-top box?
To reboot the set-top box, unplug the black power cord located on the back of the set-top box, wait about 10 seconds and plug the power cord in. The set-top box will go through a reboot series taking approximately 3-5 minutes.

Channel(s) are not working, what do I do?
Try changing the channel to another channel, and then turn back to the channel that was experiencing issues. This may clear up the problem. Check your other set-top boxes to see if there are problems with the channel on the other set-top boxes in your home. If the problem is occurring on all set-top boxes in your home, please contact Customer Service by calling 712-866-8000. If the issue is only occurring on one set-top box, reboot your set top box. If rebooting the set-top box does not clear up the issue, contact Customer Service at 712-866-8000.

What if I see a snowy screen or blue screen?
Check your TV input to make sure it is set to the correct input for your set-top box.

My set-top box will not respond, what do I do?
The colored LED light on your set-top box power button should flash each time a remote button is pressed. If this happens but the set-top box does not respond to your commands, reboot the set-top box. If you continue to experience problems, please contact Customer Service at 712-866-8000.

The remote control is not working. What do I do?
Make sure there isn’t anything between the remote and the remote sensor on your receiver, and that you are within 20 feet of the receiver when using your remote control. Make sure that you are in the appropriate mode. To operate your set-top box, press the STB button on your remote control.

Whole-Home DVR
With Whole-Home DVR, you can record a program in the bedroom and view or delete it in the family room. You can also pause, fast-forward, or rewind recorded shows on every connected TV. With Whole-Home DVR, you have 4 streams which allow you to record one show while watching another.

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